Our 5th Grade Presents The Wizard of OZ

In Student Doings by Imago Dei School

In the midst of a super-busy end-of-the-year week, our adorable Fifth Grade – led by teachers Elaine Garcia and Carolyn Hollis, with the collaboration of Tucson’s Live Theatre Workshop – presented a fantastic adaptation of the Frank Baum classic.

The production, presented on Thursday, May 18, at the Main Library downtown, featured the whole class, including three, count ’em, three Dorothies, and a truly inspired Wicked Witch. Even Ms. Garcia and Ms. Hollis played parts. It was great fun, and a tremendous success!

Many, many thanks to Michael Martinez and Amanda Gremel of Live Theatre Workshop for introducing our children to the joys of playacting, and to the awesome librarians of the Main Library, for the use of their Community Room.