7th Grade visiting Intuit, 2024

Our 7th grade scholars visiting Intuit’s Tucson campus, 2024. Intuit is a great partner in the Entrepreneurship classes provided at Imago Dei.

“Imago Dei” means “image of God,” and it refers to a belief that every person is made in the image of the divine, and is worthy of love, care and respect.

Imago Dei scholars are youth in grades 4-8 from diverse Tucson families, who meet our income eligibility for financial aid. There is no other qualification for admission to our middle school.

Currently, 100% of our student body identifies as minority, with a robust and diverse population of students with Latino, African, Black, Native American and mixed-race heritage. We rejoice in and celebrate the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of our students, their families and our entire Southern Arizona community. While we are an independent Episcopal school, none of our students is Episcopalian; we warmly welcome and respect people of all faiths and traditions, as well as those who profess none.

Many students come to us well below grade level; nearly one-third of our scholars are English Language Learners. Helping children achieve their full potential, thereby stabilizing and strengthening their families and our community as a whole, is the purpose of our school. Low-income children with similar demographics in Pima County achieve a high school graduation rate around 70%. But more than 96% of Imago Dei alumni old enough to have done so have graduated high school. More than 85% are pursuing college or career training. We can’t wait to make a difference in the life of our next new student – maybe that’s your child!