Imago Dei is located in the heart of downtown Tucson at 55 N. 6th Avenue, between Congress and Pennington.

Imago Dei Middle School, established in 2005, serves 5th- through 8th-grade youth from low-income Tucson families. The school is modeled after the Epiphany School in Dorchester, MA, and is accredited through the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. We are a member in good standing of the National Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Episcopal Schools, the NativityMiguel Coalition, and The Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education. Imago Dei is a Jubilee Domestic Poverty Ministry of the Episcopal Church.

Imago Dei is committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum and support services including the following:

  • Quality academic, physical, social, and spiritual education
  • Individualized support, nurturing each child’s development and identity
  • An extended school day (10 hours), week (5 ½ days) and year (11 months)
  • Small classes for specialized instruction (teaching ratio of 1 to 10)
  • Tuition-free education
  • Opportunities for strong parental involvement

We are focused on educating the whole child and breaking cycles of poverty. We operate as a tuition-free school due to the economic limitations of students’ families; therefore, donor support is essential for the success of our mission.

We have enjoyed generous, heartfelt community support throughout our first fifteen years, and look forward to continuing to serve Southern Arizona for years to come by helping at-risk children realize their full potential.

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