Imago Dei offers a quality private-school education exceeding Arizona’s Academic Standards. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to expose our scholars to great things, allowing them to acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in high school and beyond. We encourage our students to discover their gifts, explore their interests, and aim high.

We are mindful and appreciative of cultural differences, both in our students and in the world around us.

Our small classes – 20 maximum with a 10-to-1 student-teacher ratio – and 10-hour days allow our teachers to give students individual attention. Our extended schedule provides ample time for the arts and enrichment activities: Imago Dei scholars are able to experience the best that our city has to offer.

The school is calm and well-organized. Classes are conducted in an atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect, in which each student’s contributions are welcomed. Our scholars benefit from exposure to a variety of instructional styles and ways of learning – from lectures and memory drills to free-wheeling discussions, creative group projects and hands-on learning. Tutoring is provided for students who need extra support.

The school’s experienced, dedicated teaching staff works hard to build confidence and nurture genuine love of learning in every Imago Dei scholar.