Intuit volunteers help 8th graders learn and earn at farmers market

In Enrichment by Original Build


Volunteers from the Innovation Catalyst Team at Intuit’s Tucson site have been working with our 8th graders for the past several years developing Community Outreach projects that allow our students to make Tucson greener and show off their organic gardening skills in the form of bedding plants adapted to local gardens. Taking their work to market, as they did recently at St. Philip’s in the Foothills Sunday Farmers Market, is the culmination of their work.

Community Outreach is a yearlong capstone activity in which 8th grader learn business principles, teamwork entrepreneurship, salesmanship and self-confidence as they develop projects and products that help the community. More than a dozen Intuit volunteers, led by Katherine Gregg, have mentored these students every step of the way.