Thank you for your interest in learning how your tax credit can support Imago Dei Middle School and our mission of breaking the cycles of poverty through education. We are pleased to share that 100% of our students are eligible to receive scholarship assistance at our school, based on their family income.

You can claim a tax credit for making a donation for scholarships to Imago Dei using a very simple online donation form. Gifts must be made through a school tuition organization (STO); Imago Dei recommends the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation, where we are a member school.

On this page we provide answers to common questions about tax credits, so please keep reading. When you are ready to make your tax credit gift to support Imago Dei, you can access the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation site by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to select Imago Dei Middle School by putting the amount of your tax credit gift on our line. You have until you file your taxes (April 15th or earlier) to make a gift and take it dollar-for-dollar off your tax liability. Doing so may even get you a refund!

The Basics/Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to direct your tax credit to Imago Dei Middle School? Nothing! Your contribution is subtracted in full from your Arizona state tax liability. You are essentially specifying how to use your own tax dollars.

I already gave to a public school (or a charitable or foster care organization). I’m done, right? In Arizona, we have separate tax credit funds for private schools like Imago Dei as well as public schools, certain charities and foster care organizations – and you can give to all four of them! It’s a a great way to support your entire community! Please note that the private school tax credit has much larger limits than the other ones you may be used to doing. 

I usually owe about $300 when I file my state taxes. Is that what I should give now and take for a tax credit? Tax credits can be taken up to the limits (see below) based on your state tax liability. Your liability is the total amount of state tax based on your income. So while you might still owe $300 more in April, that’s not your liability – it’s only the difference between what you’ve already paid (usually via payroll taxes) and your total liability. Tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your total state tax liability, resulting in either less taxes owed or a larger refund. Most people can give up to the limit, set by Arizona law.

Okay, so what are those limits? For the 2023 tax year (filing on or before April 15, 2024), married filing jointly filers can donate up to $2609. Single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate can donate up to $1307. Note that these amounts are different than the amounts you typically see for the Qualified Charitable Organization tax credit (limited to $821/$421) or the tax credit for public schools ($400/$200). Tax credits account for about 80% of our school’s annual revenue (we don’t charge ANY tuition) so we ask people to get as close to the limit as possible. 

I don’t have a child at Imago Dei, can I still participate? Yes, and you’ll make an incredible impact on the life of a child at Imago Dei. Unlike other private schools, 100% of our students benefit from tax credit gifts. And since you don’t have a child here, please more about our amazing tuition-free school by clicking our logo at the top of this page.

I’m ready to make a tax credit gift to Imago Dei! Do I mail a check to the school or donate on the school’s website? Thank you! But no, don’t send us a check. Tax credit gifts must be made through an STO like the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation. Please visit them by CLICKING HERE. Their page also includes information on how to send a check to them directly.

I still have questions. What should I do? Like we tell our kids – just ask, it’s how you learn! You don’t even have to raise your hand. Contact our Development office at or call 520-882-4008 x103.

Challenge Match:

If you are a first-time tax credit donor to Imago Dei, your gift is being matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous school donor, IF you make the gift before February 16th. You can learn more about this challenge match, Tom’s generosity, and the reason behind his gift by visiting the challenge match page. We will track the new tax credit donations on our side, so you do not need to do anything differently when making your gift.

Thank you!!!