Our Kids Rock Online!

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As everyone knows, online schooling has its downsides – the worst of which is simply missing being with one another. That said, Imago Dei teachers have done amazing work to adapt curriculum and master new skills – and our middle-schoolers are showing up for class, participating eagerly, and doing remarkable things. They’re mastering 21st-century skills at an amazing pace.

Please enjoy the sample class and student creations below!

Lower School Social Studies Lesson on False News
(Click on the various elements to see what’s there, including the little number 7 at the bottom to see student contributions.)

Here are some three-second stop-action animations created in Google Slides by 7th and 8th graders in Art Class. These required finding backgrounds and foreground pictures, then moving objects on subsequent slides a bit at a time to create the illusion of motion – the basic technique of all animation. One second of animation requires 12 slides, and then the kids needed to complete a number of fairly intricate steps to get the show up and running on the internet. They did an incredible job – in about 20 minutes, start to finish. Click on the links and be amazed. Pixar, here they come!

Awesome Use of Perspective!!

Mega-Action Sequence!

Dragon and Phoenix!

A Beautiful Garden Scene

Mystery Comet

And, finally, Alien Abduction!

Last but not least, here’s a selection of Get Out the Vote Posters the kids made – proudly posted on the front of the school before the election. It’s politics with a definite middle-school spin. (Click below for a carousel show.)