To browse titles and make your purchases please CLICK HERE to go to the school’s GiveButter campaign. You will begin by clicking Auction at the top of the page (don’t worry – it’s not an auction; all books are available at a fixed price of $5, $8 or $12).

Remember your childhood book fairs and how excited you were to get a new book or two? Imago Dei is bringing that excitement to our students (and kids in general) with Leap Into Literacy!

Now through February 29th (Leap Day) you can buy brand new books and they will be given to our students, stocked in our in-classroom libraries, or given to community kids at our Tucson Festival of Books booth (March 9th and 10th on the University of Arizona campus, please stop by and say Hello!).

Through special deals with wholesalers and literacy groups, we offer these new children’s books for you to purchase and donate starting at just $5. There are about 100 titles to choose from on the website; if you can’t decide you can always donate a dollar amount and we’ll choose for you. The sale focuses on diverse books for our diverse community, with a nice selection of biographies, sci fi and fantasy, graphic novels and young reader editions. Altogether we hope to put 1,000 new books in kids’ hands in time for Spring Break!

There are even two books you can buy and keep for yourself – a Little Golden book tribute to Betty White, and a celebration of Schoolhouse Rocks! Free shipping is included in the $12 price of those two books.

Please CLICK HERE to get started today. Thank you!