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As Imago Dei Middle School wraps up the regular school year – a year of incredible success for our students, made possible with YOUR support – we also prepare for our summer session, mandatory for the rising 5th through 8th graders. We want to share WHY we do summer school, and also why we are asking for your additional help to fund it.

The Why: Summer Learning Loss is a BIG Problem!

In addition to time not learning, students can lose the equivalent of three months of previous learning in the summer while away from school, especially in math and reading. Studies show that learning loss is an even bigger problem for children from lower-income families, the very kids we are honored to work with at Imago Dei. Our students typically are unable to attend summer camps or have a tutor, and even arranging childcare for extended periods of time is a struggle for our working parents and guardians. For kids experiencing poverty and the impacts of under-resourced communities, learning is two steps forward but too often one big summer step back.

At Imago Dei, we tackle this problem head-on. Our summer program closes the time gap until school starts again in early August. It provides more time for initial learning, and time for our talented intervention specialists to hone in on specific skills our students need for continued success. It also supports our families by having the school provide free snacks and free lunch, while also providing relief to parents and guardians that a child is safe and engaged in learning inside our doors. What’s more: it’s also fun for the kids! The days are a little shorter and more relaxed; the learning centered on fun, project-based activities that still advance their skills.

We already ask a lot of our students, with longer school days and Saturday Exploratory. The summer session is an extra requirement that serves a very useful purpose: preparing our students for success, overcoming the hurdles to learning they have experienced before attending Imago Dei, and perhaps most of all, honoring the commitment we have all made to the school’s mission of breaking the cycles of poverty through education.

The Ask: Please Give 110%

We expect Imago Dei scholars to give 110%. In order to help cover the costs of our summer session, today we’re asking you to give 110% as well. For our generous past donors, consider what 10% more of your typical giving would be. For new donors (welcome to the family of supporters!) please consider a gift that works in your budget. EVERY gift makes an impact and is greatly appreciated. Your gift will directly support summer session costs, while helping to ensure that both our scholars and the school finish the year strong and on the right foot for next year. Donate securely online by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and please enjoy your own summer plans!